Ramadan Reflections: Day 26 Nafs Hack with Walid Hamadeh

Nafs Hack: Don’t Waste Time

Assalamu alaikum! This is Walid Hamadeh, and this is my Nafs Hack.

So, have you ever felt pressured with your day-to-day tasks? Have you ever felt like there’s just so much piling up and you don’t know what to do? Do you ever wake up in the morning and think, ‘Oh man, I have so many things to do’, and you don’t know where to start and you end up not doing anything?

Well, it happens to all of us. It happens to me especially. I think the problem is we have really poor time management.

Essentially, we like to waste a lot of time. Allah (SWT) says in the Qur’an, “By time, mankind is at loss.”

If you look at some of the top CEOs and richest people around the world, they’ll tell you that every morning they wake up super early because that’s where their success lies. They capitalize on every moment that they have, and they do not waste time.

And that’s how we should be, and that’s how us Muslims are supposed to be.

Our whole day is set up by our Prophet (SAW) in the sunnah so we maximize and capitalize on every moment that we have so that we’re successful—whether we’re doing it through ibidat, whether we’re doing it to gain material wealth.

Whatever it is, our time is extremely important. So, how do we even start that? Well I’ll tell you the first thing that we can do is to start waking up earlier. Get up for fajr, get up before fajr, and utilize that time because Rasul (SAW) says our risq is at the time of fajr. It’s early in the morning.

So, utilize that time. Maximize on your time, and use it so that you become the best at whatever it is that you wanna do. Thank you very much. Ramadan Mubarak. Qul am wa antu bikhayr and have a wonderful and spectacular Ramadan! Assalamu alaikum.

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