Ramadan Reflections: Day 25 Nafs Hack with Rowaida Abdelaziz

Nafs Hack: Personalizing Your Dua’a

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmutallah. My name is Rowaida Abdelaziz. I’m a reporter, and I’m here to share your daily Nafs Hack.

My Nafs Hack for you all today is about the power of dua’a and personalizing your dua’a.

We all know Ramadan is a special time for worship and ibada. We fast, we pray, we read the Qur’an. But dua’a is on another spiritual level for me, and I want to give you all some tips about how you can personalize your dua’a for the month of Ramadan and insha’Allah making it into habit until after the month.

One of the beautiful things about our faith is that dua’a is a special connection between and you and Allah (SWT). It is something that you can directly communicate with your lord, and that’s something that you want to take advantage of.

We all know that during taraweeh we hear these beautiful, elaborate dua’as, and sometimes we feel like we just don’t have the words, or the language, or the understanding to make those same dua’as.

One thing that you can do is write it all down in a notebook. This is something that I’ve done for myself and hopefully you will find beneficial. One first part of this is making dua’as for everyone and everything.

You really want to think about your deepest desires.  What is something that you want to ask from your lord— something you want to ask Allah (SWT) that you’re just not able to on a regular day? Whether it’s something in this world, like asking for better health, better wealth, praying for your family members or loved ones, or thinking about the next.

In addition to that, sometimes you hear beautiful dua’as from sheiuykh, a family member, or a scholar. A popular one we hear in Ramadan is about asking the turner of hearts to firm our hearts on his path.

Sometimes these dua’as are not easy to memorize, so writing it all down—whether it’s thinking about your loved ones, thinking about your deepest desires, thinking about the actual language as to how to use specific dua’as, or how to use specific names for Allah (SWT).

Put it all in one place, and take it with you everywhere. Whether you’re going to the masjid at night, whether you want to read it on your commute to work, or you just take a powerful moment in a corner secluded to yourself at home.

Having a personalized dua’a list with personalized dua’as and everything that you want and everybody that you’re thinking of is a perfect way to take advantage.

That’s my Nafs Hack for you.

Insha’Allah you find it beneficial so you can use it during these last beautiful ten days of Ramadan and after Ramadan. Think of me in your dua’a. I’ll think of you all in my dua’as. Salam wa alakyum wa rahmitullahi wa barakatu!

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