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First-Ever IRUSA Meal Pack Out IN Harrisburg, PA, Shows Power of Love

IRUSA, Rise Against Hunger, Islamic Society of Greater Harrisburg, and volunteers come together to serve those in need

Coming Together

Aligning with five of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations has empowered IRUSA to be able to focus intensely on areas of concern for vulnerable communities. One of those goals is to end hunger. Though ending hunger in the world is an effort many in humanitarian spaces see as a challenging effort, requiring belief and commitment, it is a priority that we have put our collective hearts into.

On November 9th, almost 100 hearts from Rise Above Hunger, Islamic Society of Greater Harrisburg, and other members of the community assembled in Pennsylvania, in a volunteer effort to make meals for our neighbors in need. After organizing meal-packs across the nation with Rise Against Hunger, community members in Pennsylvania showed that when it comes to meal-packs they can stand next to any state. Over 25,000 meals were packed after a day of outreach. Volunteers showed up in the morning ready and ripe to help.

Community Showing up

“I’m so proud of my son for waking up early and helping, despite his severe allergies and a headache. He understood that his discomfort was nothing compared to what other children suffer. Pride in seeing our youth participate. Giving us something worthwhile and positive to do to help those in need,” Rabia Khan said from the Solidarity Society of South Central PA. 

As meal-packs continue to take place it has become a normal occurrence for the support of family to arrive. Volunteers make it a family gathering. The atmosphere is energetic and allows people to enjoy the privilege of serving.

The Joy of Serving

Samia Malik agreed, “It was an honor and a pleasure to be part of an amazing and energetic team with hearts filled with love and compassion for humanity. To witness the impact of our small actions upon the most vulnerable filled my heart with gratitude and a desire to do more. I was truly impressed with our young teenager’s dedication, efforts and a desire to bring a change and eradicate world hunger issue.”

When ordinary people make the effort to tackle extraordinary issues, such as widespread hunger it makes the work easier to commit to. IRUSA is awed and inspired by that commitment. We look forward to the upcoming meal-packs. It will continue to be a pleasure to provide support for our neighbors and a space for communities to gather and give their time.

Tariq is part of the Communications & External Relations team at Islamic Relief USA.

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