Ramadan Reflections: Day 27 Nafs Hack with Suhaib Webb

Nafs Hack: Discipline Your Nafs

Salaam alaikum wa rahmutallah. My name is Suhaib, and this is my Nafs Hack.

You know in order to discipline the nafs, you’ve got to take away something that it likes—something it finds value in.

One of the scholars said the nafs is like an infant. If you just let it breastfeed, it will continue. But if you ween it, you will discipline it.

So here’s something that I do that I would encourage you to think about doing, and that is any day that you miss fajr or any of the prayers—but fajr particularly—don’t post anything on social media. Your nafs will go crazy. Just don’t post anything.

And this is one of the things I’ve seen. I had a teacher once, when he would miss fajr, he would fast the whole day just to put his nafs in check.

That’s my Nafs Hack if you fail to make fajr on time. If we can’t stand in front of the lord of all creation, why do we post it in front of all creation?

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