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More Ways to Sacrifice this Season

Easy methods to serve for the blessed second Eid

COVID-19 has slowed down a significant portion of our normal lives. Many say this will be our new way of living. That reality can be daunting. With Eid Al-Adha around corner, an added level of stress can fall on all of us when try to think about what we can do with our time. For a large amount of people, both Eids are busy times, with days that can seem endless. If you were looking for ways to still gain some barakah in your time and at a distance look no further.

1) Get Your Qurbani In

If you give your Qurbani now you won’t have to scramble the night before to do it. Your Eid eve should be relaxed. Your biggest worry should be spending time with your family and loved ones. We’ve seen it time and time again, somebody waits until the last second to give Qurbani, and it becomes a full on crisis. Make it easy for everyone and yourself and give Qurbani now. As we should know, our Qurbani arrives on the doorsteps of families who haven’t had the luxury of meat in months or even years. You can help them enjoy Eid too.

2) Give to Those in Prison

In the U.S., incarcerations rates outstrip any other country in the world with almost 2.5 million people currently behind bars. It is a machine that has swept up many fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters in its grasp. You can support Muslims in prison who are still observing Eid Al-Adha. Efforts like Believers Bail-out give the countless Muslims in jail on cash bail an opportunity to come home. How incredible would the gift of freedom be to have on Eid?

3) Give to an Eid Toy Drive

If it’s anything we remember from this awesome time it’s the smiles on the faces of those celebrating and ours. The smiles of children are also one of the bounties of Eid. Some children will unfortunately be left out of the joy of unwrapping Eid gifts. Many parents want to make this time special for them but simply can’t. There’s an inspiring joy that you can take in with those parents and children when you fill their gift baskets. Research your local mosques to see where is the best place to do toy drop offs. Please remember to adhere to COVID-19 precautions.

Tariq is part of the Communications & External Relations team at Islamic Relief USA.

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