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Your Vote, Your Voice

IRUSA gears up for a game-changing get out the vote campaign.

Let nobody tell you otherwise; your voice matters, particularly on Election Day.

With several elections scheduled Nov. 3, including one for the presidency, it is essential we practice our right to vote. It is a right we can’t take for granted. As several recent elections have shown, every vote is precious and plays an integral role in determining policy. Elections have consequences as they signal our priorities, our values, and our convictions. 

To help generate interest and, more importantly, action, Islamic Relief USA, a nonprofit 501(c)3 humanitarian and advocacy organization, has launched a Get Out the Vote campaign on its website. You could visit at www.irusa.org/gotv.

While much of the focus inevitably will be on the presidential election, IRUSA suggests voters also familiarize themselves with candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate. As members of the Legislative Branch, they draft legislation that ultimately affects many of the policies and programs we rely upon. 

Strong voter participation and being informed about policies can help steer the country toward a more perfect union. IRUSA is here to help guide voters toward that ideal. 

Bottom line: vote!

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