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Bring Warmth this #GivingTuesday

First they faced COVID-19, now freezing cold

Winter is Cruel to Those Most Vulnerable 

Every winter carries the threat of blizzards, major ice storms, extreme cold, flooding, and even tornadoes. But the harsh winter conditions are even more challenging for people already suffering from displacement, conflict, poverty, without warm clothes, food or water. The harsh winter forces vulnerable people to choose between buying food to eat or fuel to keep warm.

IRUSA commitment to Winter Aid 

Therefore, Islamic Relief USA works all year round to build programming. To help vulnerable people living in poverty, conflict or displacement. To better prepare them for the icy winter conditions. Because of Islamic Relief USA’s (IRUSA) generous donors, we can empower vulnerable sisters and brothers. 

IRUSA is providing winter aid to over 100,000 people in need in Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Chechnya, Jordan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Macedonia, Nepal, Pakistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Yemen, and for Syrian refugees. This #GivingTuesday you can play a part.

For the 2020-2021 winter season, IRUSA donors provided life-saving items to vulnerable families, women and orphans, that saved them from sleeping on cold concrete floors and from the icy winter weather.

Here’s just a sample of items IRUSA’s donor generosity delivers:

  • Distribution of warm clothes, mattresses, and blankets for families facing extreme cold in Afghanistan
  • Delivery of warming aid, including food, plastic tarps, and heaters for those affected by emergencies in Pakistan
  • Distribution of warm clothes and coats, blankets, food, and more to refugees and other vulnerable communities in Lebanon

Why Your #GivingTuesday is Crucial 

In countries like Syria, temperatures drop below freezing. After 9 years of war in Syria have created the worst humanitarian disaster since the end of the Second World War, millions managed to escape to safety in other countries. But for the 12 million Syrians remaining, they are left in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Islamic Relief is working on the ground to give Winter Aid to help ease their suffering.

IRUSA’s winter aid benefited refugees like Abu and Umm in Syria, who escaped conflict during the harsh winter months. 

Fighting forced Abu Muhammed, 59, and Umm Mohammed, 53, to flee their homes in Idlib, Syria. They ran for weeks, hiding in the village of Bdama, Syria and then “battles and bombing” in Sahl Al-Ghab (Qalaat Al-Madiq). While dodging bullets, shrapnel and shelling, they eventually made it to safety in Afrin.  “I put some pieces of cardboard on the floor and held my wife,” says Muhammad, describing the days the couple spent sleeping in a basement – the only shelter they could find. “It was one of the most difficult times since we left our home.” 

IRUSA appreciates the Winter Aid provided some humanitarian relief to the refugees, but we understand there are still thousands more vulnerable families who need help to survive the harsh winter conditions. Without your support, compassion and humanity, this will not be possible. Please donate today.

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