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Day of Dignity Begins

IRUSA starts rounding the country for annual Day of Dignity events

Autumn means a drastic change of scenery and weather for many communities in America. It also means that we have the opportunity to support families who are hardest hit during this season. A simple drop in temperature can drastically impact the housing situation for millions, and with the rising rates of COVID-19 it can spell disaster. This years Day of Dignity events hold the same feeling of communal support be mean so much given the situation. For decades now we partnered with communities organizations to bring resources, supplies, meals, and non-perishables to the places that need them the most.

Engines started

In two cities Day of Dignity have already taken place with another 19 to go. Each event will include volunteers and staff exhibiting the highest COVID-19 protocols mandated. Many of the events will feature drive-thru operations allowing participants to easily maintain distance. Other events will include on-hand PPE and even medical resources to ensure safety. We expect everyone to be prepared to adhere to COVID-19 protocol as best as possible.

Get in on the Good

Day of Dignity is made special by our neighbors who arrive from all walks of life who have one central goal, caring for one another. We hope to you in New York, Minnesota, Texas, Washington, Florida, Pennsylvania, California and many more states and cities. There’s no time better than now. After all we’re truly in this together. Find out where the next Day of Dignity is at please go to irusa.org/day-of-dignity.

Tariq is part of the Communications & External Relations team at Islamic Relief USA.

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