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Day of Dignity 2020 is a Success

Day of Dignity helps thousands during coronavirus pandemic

As one of Islamic Relief USA’s most well-known programs, Day of Dignity took place in several locations this year, despite the present coronavirus pandemic that has altered much of daily life. It was able to hold these events by adapting to public health guidelines, which includes mask wearing, practicing social distancing of at least 6 feet, and slightly altering its set-up by implementing a drive-thru or drive-in format. 

Between Oct. 3 and Nov. 15, a total of 19 Day of Dignity events took place in 17 cities nationwide. Among them were Baltimore, Md.,  Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Minn.,  Rochester, N.Y., Toledo, Ohio, and Miami, Fla. Other locations include Bronx, NY, Washington, D.C., Dallas, Texas, Mount Vernon, N.Y, Brooklyn, N.Y., Denver, Colo., Seattle, Wash., Philadelphia, Pa., Las Vegas, Corsicana Texas, and Tustin, Calif.  

The goal remained the same; to provide access to basic items and services to underserved populations and those experiencing such things as poverty homelessness, food insecurity, etc. Among the items provided were packaged meals, school supplies, coats, and haircuts. 

In total, Day of Digniy provided goods and services to 10,350 adult beneficiaries and 8,179 children. 

One person, Sandra Lee, who visited the Toledo Day of Dignity, which was organized with partner The Bounty Collegium, expressed gratitude for the event which took place on Oct. 24. 

“I have to struggle sometimes, thinking am I going to have enough money for my medication or food,” she told a local news network, WTOL. “This event right here is just a blessing.”

The event serves as more than just a giveaway of essential items; it’s also meant to be spiritually uplifting. 

As Fateen Seifullah of Al Maaun (Neighborly Needs), which partnered with IRUSA to organize Las Vegas Day of Dignity, said, “A part of Day of Dignity is that we dignify the guests and not just give them food and send them on their way.” 

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