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Until We All Win

Thousands of hot meals in partnership with Nike

“We underestimate that when a hot meal comes it’s so much easier for families to come together than have them worry about how to make a meal. It’s something that I thought was impactful,” said Ahmed Aduib, IRUSA Midwest Regional Manager.

We have been working with Nike to deliver hot meals in the Chicago area.

Islamic Relief USA is among 20 nonprofit organizations across North America to receive a Nike Until We All Win Grant that will help our communities to navigate the difficulties during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This funding will help us distribute more than 2000 hot meals, via a pre-approved local halal restaurant, safety kits and fresh vegetables to majority Middle Eastern, Asian and Black populations in the Chicago area.

In the month of September, we have worked with our partners in the area to distribute this much needed aid. Using the Nike Grant, Islamic Relief has been able to provide the hot meals and our partners facilitate our distribution to the people who need it most. 

Over the course of a few weeks, we worked with the Ojala Foundation and MAS Youth at several different , the Rohingya Refugee Center, IMAN Community Health Center, Sanad Social Services, South Side Community Service, MAS Youth and others to deliver hot meals to local communities.

Ahmed Aduib emphasized on the importance of working with the different partners as they specialized in helping different communities and various areas in Chicago.

“I think one of the things that was impactful, is that I’m from Chicago and lived most of my life here and didn’t realize that some of the places we distributed foods to were places that I probably haven driven past a thousands of times and not realized that there are people struggling to for their daily meals,” Ahmed said. “There’s a whole area that’s called tent city, where people are just trying to survive basically.”

As exhausting as it was, Ahmed explained how grateful that him and his team in Chicago were to be able to get the opportunity to distribute these meals. 

Thank you to the wonderful partners and organizations that helped us deliver these meals, and to Nike who gave us the ability to provide these meals. Nike’s purpose is to unite the world through sport to help create a healthy planet, active communities and an equal playing field for all.

Islamic Relief distributing meals at the Rohingya Refugee Center

Islamic Relief USA working with Ojala Foundation Delivering meals at IMAN Power Hour

IRUSA working with MAS Youth to deliver hot meals

Providing hot meals with our partner Sanad Social Services

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