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The Campaign isn’t about Water, It’s about Life

Water projects take center stage in preserving life

Water is a gift from Allah, a blessing for all of us, every man, woman and child. A form of sustenance that allows us to stay hydrated, and healthy. This is highlighted by the fact that the human body is made of up to 60% water. There is no way around it, water is crucial to our survival, water is life.   

Now, imagine you didn’t have readily available access to water, to this most basic, most crucial of commodities. Imagine every day, you have to worry about how you’re going to find water, and when you find the water you have to consider whether the water is clean enough to drink. That’s no way for anyone to live, clean water should not be something that anyone has to worry about. 

Unfortunately, that is not the case all around the world today, on average, about 4 billion people, nearly two-thirds of the world population, experience severe water scarcity during at least one month of the year (Mekonnen and Hoekstra, 2016). That’s why Islamic Relief USA is working to provide clean, readily accessible water to more homes across Asia and Africa than ever before. 

We believe that no-one should go without clean water, especially when 2 out of 5 people or 3 billion people around the world lack basic handwashing facilities at home. 1.6 billion have limited facilities lacking soap or water, and 1.4 billion have no facilities at all. (WHO/UNICEF 2019). In fact, proper water, sanitation and hygiene facilities have the potential to prevent at least 9.1% of the global disease burden and 6.3% of deaths. 

This year Islamic Relief USA is working across Africa and Asia to provide clean water, sanitation and hygiene facilities to combat exactly that and we need your help. 

  • $30 can provide clean water access to families in need
  • $250 can help build safe sanitation zones for women and girls
  • $1,000 can help set the foundation for a solar-powered water generator in drought-prone regions

We all deserve clean water, we all deserve a better life, and providing these facilities for those in need can help save lives today. To donate, simply visit www.irusa.org/water

Insha’Allah Allah continues to bless you and your loved ones. 

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