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Our Fight Against Global Floods

Multiple Regions around the are experiencing catastrophic flooding.

Flooding like so many natural disasters rearranges lives violently. It can turn an evening into the most devastating experience of our time on earth. And it can turn the morning into a seemingly never-ending nightmare. Hundreds of thousands of people in Sudan, South Sudan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan have been displaced due to massive floods caused by torrential rains. The floods have consumed thousands of homes altogether and even taken the lives of community members.


A villager trying to move his belongings in a backpack in Wad Ramli, Khartoum.

Over 99 people have fallen victim to flooding in Sudan as the final death toll is till being assessed. The catastrophe has affected 500,000 people leaving countless family without shelter, food, and water. Sudan’s government declared a national emergency and is accepting assistance. The Nile has risen to levels that it hasn’t reached in 100 years.

South Sudan

Since July 2020 South Sudan has been undergoing massive rains causing 650,000 people to either lose their shelter completely or go for months without a home. Among the worst damage has been crops that have been submerged under water as well as houses. Many communities were also dependent on fishing income and sustenance and have since then been complete shut out of the resource.


Over three days of monsoon flooding claimed the lives of more than 90 people within the last month. The risk of disease has risen immensely due to sewage water now flowing into hundreds of homes. Islamic Relief is now conducting assessments and rendering emergency support as needed.


Emergency food-packs have already begun to be distributed in provinces in Afghanistan after a host of torrential rains swept through nine areas. Over 3500 families are designated to be in need of acute emergency assistance as many have been left homeless. The situation is now further intensified by an approaching winter season.

Short-term and Long-term Response

Assisting the countless individuals and families immediately is the highest priority for Islamic Relief USA. It is also paramount that the planning and execution of long-term recovery take place. To truly help those who’ve been most affected by these disasters it will take diligence, consistency, and most especially your continued support.

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