What a Difference a Day of Dignity Makes

IRUSA Day of Dignity events connect with hearts and communities

Ending the year off right

The year isn’t complete at IRUSA with connecting with communities across the U.S. for the annual Day of Dignity events. It’s a project partners, communities, and staff look forward to being a part of. Emergency services, food parcels, and care packages are made available. Each year the efforts building deeper bonds and have deeper impacts.

In places like Bronx New York, community members came from far and wide to get things such as health screenings and hygiene kits. “This is also an opportunity for the local Muslim community to demonstrate we can be service providers as in keeping with our faith tradition that we should serve humanity and give back, and so this is an opportunity for us to do that,” said Nurah Amatullah of the Muslim Women’s Institute in New York.

Across the Nation

Day of Dignity in Portland found a sweet spot among locals as well. Staff and volunteers came to the aid of homeless community members. “We can’t just wish the homelessness crisis away, it’s got to be done through the dog work of connecting people to whatever services they need to get off and stay off the streets,” said Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler. Portland’s Day of Dignity featured more than 10 service providers for those experiencing homelessness. 

“It’s not about destroying people. It’s about helping people” said Imam Hassan Amin of Muslim Social Services Network who is long-time partner for Day-of-Dignity in Baltimore.

All together, Islamic Relief USA will hold Day of Dignity events in 20 locations, including major cities like New York, Detroit, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Atlanta. Collectively, Day of Dignity events assisted some 20,000 beneficiaries, providing them with hot meals, winter coats, hygiene kits, clothes, even school supplies. At some locations, people received haircuts, entertainment for their children, and information on various public assistance programs or jobs. 

Tariq is part of the Communications & External Relations team at Islamic Relief USA.

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