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They’ll Need Ramadan Food Boxes more than Ever

First Ramadan food distribution for Syrian refugees in Bekaa camp 2019

Because of the current public health crisis families will squeezed even more by food shortages

It’s so near it’s basically here

Ramadan is coming, can you feel it? The anticipation is growing as we contemplate the arrival of the most special month in the Islamic calendar. Everyone has their own special Ramadan traditions, whether it’s your mum’s cooking, or getting the chance to go to the mosque every evening with your dad for tarawih, or just spending iftar with your family and friends. There are some things we all share in common though, the chance to expand our knowledge, to improve our spiritual wealth and to deeply connect with Allah. 

While we all prepare for an alternate reality for our Ramadan, we have to remember that for those already experience famine, drought, and illness this one can haunt them. At Islamic Relief USA, we believe that everyone should have the chance to enjoy Ramadan to the max, to offer themselves fully to the spiritual benefits of this incredible month, without the need to worry about the simple things in life that we take for granted. That is why we need your help, especially during this time. Ramadan is the perfect month for us all to unite and help those with less, because no matter the distance, or social distance, we are all one family.

We’re blessed to make it easy

One of the most important ways to make the most of Ramadan is also to give charity, and that’s why at Islamic Relief USA, we ensure that those charitable moments are utilised in the most impactful ways. It’s so easy to make a difference to someone else’s life whilst changing your own.

Last year Islamic Relief USA provided hundreds of thousands of brothers and sisters with food packs, providing them and their families with enough food to last anywhere between a few days to two weeks. Over 2 and a half million pounds of nutritious food was provided for those who really need it during this amazingly unique month. 

This year we’ll do the same, with you. Our food boxes lessen the burden of providing food for people. They can stretch what provisions they may have already had. In some cases, it may be the only food they get.

Ramadan 2019 – Myanmmar

This one is going to be a tough one, but we can do it

Let’s face it though, fasting isn’t always easy, and sometimes, when the day is long and your strength is fading, the thought of that meal at sundown is the most appealing thing in the world. Imagine adding to that, the worry of where that meal is coming from? With your help Islamic Relief USA can provide food packs to those who need it, thus eliminating that worry and instead allowing those brothers and sisters to fully embrace the delight of Ramadan. 

It’s also important not to forget, as it is easy to do so in the hustle and bustle of the last ten days of Ramadan, and the preparation for Eid, that this is also the time for giving Zakat. With Islamic Relief USA, you can be assured that your Zakat will go towards making a huge difference for your brothers and sisters across the world. In order to donate, and also to find any other information, please visit www.IRUSA.org and help make someone’s Ramadan magical. 

Ramadan Distribution

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