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Qurbani the IRUSA Way

Putting Qurbani meat in the hands of our neighbors in 2021

With Eid Ul-Fitr in our rearview now begins Hajj season. And as Hajj season enters upon us, we can now shift focus to Islamic Relief’s largest global and domestic feeding program, Qurbani/Udhiyah. Qurbani is special commemoration of Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail’s willingness to sacrifice for Allah’s sake. This year is poised to be another successful facilitation of Allah’s barakah. This Qurbani season we look forward to maintaining and increasing impact.This year over 150,000 Qurbani’s will be managed in over 30 countries with the help of you. People may receive livestock meat of goats, cows, or lamb in a quantity that is adjusted for their family size.

Not only has our community of donors and supporters helped to put fresh meat on the table for millions of families, but they’ve also built a pathway for livelihood development for people to benefit from. Our Qurbani+ program facilitates the purchase of livestock for host community members to raise themselves over the year, then make a profit in Qurbani time. In countries like Niger, communities who have long relied on agriculture and livestock now are able to raise and fatten the same meat to be distributed widely. For the last few years it has been the pleasure of IRUSA to contribute to dynamic programming such as this.

People like Sarudzai in Malawi see Qurbani as a blessing from caring neighbors. “I understand this as a symbol of love. The meat from the sacrifice of Eid Ul Adha is mostly given to others and that shows a true reflection of love. Today, my family and I will have meat, something which we never expected and we are happy. The children are all smiles because they have not had meat in a while. It is a good feeling to see the children happy,” Sarudzai said after receiving her Qurbani last year.

Be it Malawi, Pakistan, Niger, or New York, Qurbani season remains a staple of service and joy. We pray this one stays that way. To see more of the developments of IRUSA’s 2021 Qurbani program please go to IRUSA.ORG/Qurbani. No donation is too small or too big, no prayer is too small or too big.

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