The Power of Warmth

Winter Weather and Global Poverty

The high cost of food and fuel prices make it difficult for those living in poverty to survive harsh winters. Often, families are forced to choose between feeding their families or keeping them warm. Islamic Relief works year-round to build programming that helps vulnerable people around the world. Our winter kits vary from country to country, and include anything from food aid to household items such as blankets, kerosene heaters, and winter clothing. 

Islamic Relief’s Dedication to Winter Aid
In 2021, Islamic Relief served over 298,000 people across 14 countries. And over the next three years, we will be working to provide winter relief to vulnerable communities across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Our hope is to help improve the experience of the winter season, reduce nutritional deficiency, and reduce cold-related illnesses through in-kind donations, vouchers, and cash assistance. 

In-kind donations include food boxes consisting of staples in the respective country’s diet; mattresses, blankets; and home improvements such as central heating, door and window treatments, and firewood. Vouchers can be exchanged at clothing stores, grocery stores, or suppliers of winter items such as fuel and stoves. And cash assistance can be provided directly to households or payments can be made to utility companies. 

The Power of Warmth

Winter is here. Islamic Relief is working to provide winter kits to over 200,000 people in need this year. Your donation could feed a family, warm a home, or gift a child with warm socks. Join us and help save lives. Visit irusa.org/winter for more information. 

Nabeeha Shah is a Communications Specialist for Islamic Relief USA.

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