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Our #WorldFoodDay Together

 Ramadan food distribution for Syrian refugees in Lebanon camp 2019

Why #WorldFoodDay Matters

#WorldFoodDay is celebrated in October each year by the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. This year marks not only the 75th anniversary of the event but a turning point in food security worldwide in light of the COVID -19 pandemic. In recognition of World Food Day, as we are forced to consider our food choices and improve food security for all, Islamic Relief USA  joins other humanitarian organizations concerned about food security worldwide.

Complicated by COVID-19

 As the COVID-19 crisis pushed already food insecure communities to the brink. The UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) warned: in countries already suffering from a humanitarian crisis, up to 100% of essential nutrition services could be disrupted. In July 2020 the UN made an urgent call: they warned that during the first year of the pandemic every month: COVID-19-related hunger resulted in 10,000 children’s deaths.

The Covid-19 upended how the entire world selected and consumed food. In first world countries, people faced long lines at supermarkets, others, because of their loss of income, couldn’t afford to buy food. During this time brave farmers and factory workers worked for a minimum wage without protective clothing. They risked their lives to provide food. In developing countries where food was already scarce the Covid-19 pandemic pushed impoverished communities into starvation. Entire communities were isolated without access to food leading to thousands of deaths.

The Cold Truth

The pandemic revealed how every person in the world is vulnerable to food insecurity regardless of their socio-economic background, race or religion. This World Food Day Islamic Relief USA asks you to take a moment to appreciate the food you eat and the people who produce and deliver it. By showing gratitude we can build a more compassionate world where everyone has enough to eat and live in dignity.

It is in this custodian, compassionate spirit, that Islamic Relief USA supports the World Food Day annual call to awareness. To take action to help those who are sick, hungry and poor around the world. 

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