India Faces Floods

Torrential rains submerge thousands of homes in Hyderabad, India

Non-stop rain

Heavy rain lashed large parts of India, including Hyderabad, over the last week swelling several rivers to dangerous heights, flooding large parts of the city and submerging homes and cars.  

The deluge uprooted trees, electricity poles and damaged over head cables. According to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and local Indian media: around 40,000 homes are affected —  with thousands plunged into darkness without electricity and internet connection which remains unrestored. 

The aftermath

In some areas water levels started to recede, but not without leaving a trail of destruction including, heaps of slush along with organic and inorganic waster left inside the gutted homes.  

Affected families are living without access to safe drinking water, food or health services. Relief efforts are even more critical with the Covid-19 pandemic. The humanitarian response is hampered by a serious shortage of resources as many organisations focus on Covid- 19 relief and response projects.

With severe cold weather forecast, there is also an urgent need to provide blankets and other winter items for those displaced. 

Islamic Relief’s response

Islamic Relief India and the local authorities are working closely on the needs and assessment to distribute relief supplies to affected families. 

One of the relief efforts: a community kitchen for single women. An existing project supported by Islamic Relief, to provide cooked meals for those displaced by the floods. Islamic Relief funds the food and running costs of the kitchen through local fundraising efforts.

The Islamic Relief Worldwide IPD Emergency panel allocated £50,000 ($65,000) to respond to the immediate needs of the flood victims.

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