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Distribution of Qurbani takes Main Stage

2021 IRUSA Qurbani food program sky rockets

Syria Qurbani

Islamic Relief USA is proud to say that in the year 2021 our community of donors raised the bar even higher distributing over 150,000 Qurbanis. In one single swoop, with an array of dedicated partners, more than 30 countries saw Qurbani arrive at the doorsteps of the most vulnerable. As more distributions continue even at home here in the U.S we look forward to hearing from those we were able to serve and all of you who gave with an open heart.

Recovery for COVID-19 is an effort of mind, body, and soul. We have to continue to think of those who had more and more of their regular lives stripped away from them. There were hundreds of millions of people suffering from starvation prior to the pandemic’s assault on lives. Even though large portions of communities international and domestic have returned to somewhat normal daily operations, we still have large swaths of our brothers and sisters in humanity who may take years be able to witness a stable daily life.

Qurbani 2018_Bangladesh

If there is one area of concern they should never have to spend their days and nights worrying about it’s food security. Qurbani being our largest feeding program is not by accident. It allows IRUSA to combine one of our core sustainable development goals with a prophet tradition earmarking service and sacrifice. This year we can truly say we’ve gone above and beyond with your help.

To make matters better, this was another big win for our Qurbani+ pilot program wherein beneficiaries are able to receive animals to build their livestock business. When IRUSA purchases Qurbani we purchase directly from them at a market rate which provides a great influx of capital to their growing enterprise. Full circle processes like the one just mentioned make it all worthwhile. We look forward to seeing what other great successes come from Allah’s aid and your compassion.

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