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The Campaign isn’t about Water, It’s about Life


Until We All Win

Thousands of hot meals in partnership with Nike “We underestimate that when a hot meal comes it's so much easier for families to come together than have them worry about how to make a meal. It’s something that I thought…

Poem: Water for Life

Award Winning Poet Tariq Touré pays tribute to the impact of water projects. For the dried mouths of newborns  And the cops that wait ages  To taste the moisture of rain  As the clouds form to perform And dance…

Water for Life

Innovation in sustainability makes water available to countless families Water is a human right. We believe that in a world where balance is present, no one should go without it. When it is absent, made scarce, and altogether restricted by…

Mighty Muharram

A new 1442 Hijri year sets in for us to prepare for better times New beginnings There are many important days and months in the Islamic calendar, but only one of those is the start of the Islamic year, and…