Ramadan Reflections: Day 5 Nafs Hack with Isra Chaker

Nafs Hack: Daily Gratitude Journal

I’m a civil rights activist, and I’m here today with Islamic Relief to give you your next Nafs Hack.

Now, we all live in a life where we are constantly busy and being pulled in many directions and are facing tribulations while also overcoming them. And sometimes we realize that we don’t ever stop and breathe for a second and think about all the things we are actually grateful for and the things that we are blessed with.

And so my nafs hack I do on daily basis personally is I wake up every morning and I write down five things that I’m grateful for in my journal. And those five things can be anything, big or small, but it’s a reminder at the start of my day that there’s a lot that I have to be grateful for and thank Allah (SWT) for.

For example, one of my things is that I’m grateful for my family and the support of my family in everything that I do. I’m grateful for my good health, the fact that I have eyes that can see, ears that can hear, and am able to speak and use my voice, especially in my activism. I’m grateful for the fact that I live in a safe community and am able to be unapologetically who I am.

And so these are just a few of the things that we can think about. More than anything else, I’m grateful for my faith. I’m grateful that I have a faith that roots me in feeling secure and safe and resilient in who I am.

So my nafs hack for all of you is to start practicing, especially this Ramadan, to get a good habit that will last you and hopefully all of us beyond this month. Remind yourself every morning and every night to journal what five things you’re grateful for.

Think about the gratitude you have and how you can share that with others. Share it with your friends. Share it with your family.

Constantly remember that while we are also facing trials and tribulations as part of our faith. We have also been blessed so much, and we have so much privilege compared to others across the world.

And, a lot of the time, it’s just that few minutes of reflection that will get you to recognize that gratitude, and that will be the best start to your day. Thank you all so much!

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