Ramadan Reflections: Day 19 Nafs Hack with Lisa Vogl

Nafs Hack: Being Consistent with Prayer and God

My name is Lisa Vogl, and this is my Nafs Hack.

Last year, I was in the most traumatic state of my life. It was the most difficult time I’ve ever had.

I had changes going on. I became a single mother. I was newly divorced. I was moving, and I was trying to figure out so many changes in my life.

At the start of Ramadan, I went to Allah (SWT) with so much dua’a, so much passion, so much dedication and devotion. I was in the masjid, and I was praying because I needed Allah (SWT). I needed his guidance. I needed his protection. I needed him to take care of me and my children.

This Ramadan, a lot of the dua’as that I’ve asked for have been answered.

But I recognized that I wasn’t having the same passion and devotion to be in the masjid, to be excited to fast, to be making additional prayers. So I realized that because of all the blessings that Allah (SWT) has given me and all the dua’as that Allah (SWT) has answered, that I didn’t have that same motivation.

I recognized that I need to have that same passion and devotion to Allah (SWT) that I do when I need Him most.

So what’s my Nafs Hack? When I wake up in the morning, I think about how much Allah (SWT) has blessed me. I think about last year and where I was and how far I’ve come. And I recognize that I need to have that same passion, same devotion, and same dedication to Allah (SWT) as I did when I needed him most.

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