Ramadan Reflections: Day 10 Nafs Hack with Hamdy Radwan

Nafs Hack: Be Grateful for Your Food

Assalamu alaikum. My name is Hamdy Radwan, and I am the vice chair of the board of trustees for Islamic Relief USA. This is my Nafs Hack.

There are some people that are not as privileged as you are, and they may be short of food. I heard some stories coming from Africa recently. The mother and the father gave their kids the option to eat either in the morning or in the evening because they couldn’t afford two meals a day.

I’m not saying that to feel bad about them because Allah (SWT) is the provider, and he provides everyone with his blessings. Sometimes he gives us examples just to soften our hearts and to get us to be more compassionate.

So, after you listen to me, I want you to practice that with your family and your children when you sit on the table and you have so many kinds of food. Subhan’Allah, nowadays when we sit to eat we don’t have just one type of food; we have several types of food that we eat.

Remember those who don’t have it, remember when this food came to you, and thank Allah (SWT) for it. Remind your family and your friends about the blessings of Allah (SWT) because this is how you connect with Him. May Allah (SWT) make you and I among the inhabitants of jannah, and may Allah (SWT) grant us his blessings in this life and in the other life.

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