The celebrations have come to an end, our special clothes tucked away and we’re starting to get used to eating during the day again. However, as Ramadan, and Eid-ul-Fitr depart for another year, we’re faced with a new challenge. How can we take what we’ve learnt during such a blessed month, and sustain it so that our lives as Muslims can improve throughout the year?

It’s crucial for your faith to achieve sustained growth that you take all the lessons you’ve learnt during Ramadan and look to build on them. So whether you had been reading the Quran everyday, or learning new surahs, making extra prayers, doing addition dhikr or engaging in charitable acts. We’ve got 5 tips to help you make Ramadan a year long success Insha’Allah.

  1. Remembrance – As Ramadan comes to a close, we know that Shaytan will become present once again. However, to combat this, we must take the time to remember the thing that drives Shaytan wild. Devotion to Allah. By remembering our devotion to Allah, and thus, the reasoning behind why we must continue to carry out these acts of worship. It is a great way to fuel your desire to ignore Shaytan, and to further your relationship with Allah.

“Surely by Allah’s remembrance are the hearts set at rest.” ­– Surah Ar-Rad (Quran 13:28)

  1. Routine – The best way to make long term changes is to make them part of your routine. So for example, if you’ve been reading an extra 15 minutes of Qur’an every day during Ramadan. The hardest part is the beginning, so make that part of your daily routine. Set yourself a reminder to make some time during the day to do read the Qur’an. Before you know it, it will be part of your routine and it will feel strange to not read the Qur’an for those 15 minutes everyday.
  1. Fasting – A great way to maintain your Ramadan spirit, is to practice fasting even after Ramadan has finished. By fasting 6 days during the month of Shawwal, you will gain even more reward.

As narrated in Muslim, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that, Whoever fasts the month of Ramadan and then follows it with six days of fasting in the month of Shawwal, it will be as if he fasted for the entire year.The six days of fasting during Shawwal do not have to be on consecutive days, but it is recommended to complete them as soon as possible, Insha’Allah.

  1. Realistic – Be realistic in your goals that you set out to achieve post-Ramadan. Do not set yourself goals that are unattainable as this will hinder your progress should you fail to reach them. Instead by setting yourself smaller, manageable goals, you can steadily build your progress and truly make the most of what you have gained from Ramadan.
  1. Sadaqah – Whilst it’s true that Ramadan is the best time of the year for charity. A great way to recapture the elation of Ramadan is to keep doing good for those who are in need. At Islamic Relief USA, we work year round to reach those around the world who are in desperate need of our assistance, and you can be a part of that. With the Covid-19 pandemic still affecting millions of people throughout the world and the US. As well as the devastating cyclone that has struck Bangladesh and India. Your post-Ramadan support is needed now more than ever. It’s so easy to get involved, just head on over to www.irusa.org/donate for more information.

As narrated in Tirmidhi, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) stated that, “The charity you give will be your shade on the Day of Judgement.”

Please let us know on our Facebook and Instagram pages how you’re keeping up with your post-Ramadan goals on @islamicreliefusa. We know we’re already looking forward to next Ramadan.

Insha’Allah we pray that you and your loved ones have had a wonderful Ramadan. We also pray that you are able to make the most of all that you have learnt during this blessed month.

Jazakullah Khair.

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