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Palestine in Pain

More than 200 people were killed and a thousand more injured as Ramadan closed; Islamic Relief donors moved quickly to deliver aid to those affected 

Death Toll Rising

Over 200 people have died as result of military assaults on residential areas in Palestine. Among the fatalities are are more than 60 women and more than 30 children. In both the evening and daylight cries and screams can be heard from people who’ve lost lives and loved ones. For decades the Palestinian communities in Palestine and across the world have called for an end to a protracted war on their bodies and homeland.

Alwahda street destruction

Humanitarian Situation Decaying

According to the United Nations 58,000 people in Gaza have now been internally displaced from the bombardment of attacks. Thousands are now without basic supplies such as toiletries, food, and water. Thousands fled with nothing but the clothes they woke up in  the night in after hearing munitions explode. With nearly 2,500 homes newly destroyed, neighbors even exchanged children in the hopes that one or the other would survive blasts. They need to be supported by those who are able,  to ensure they have the human right of shelter as well. 

Many nearby refuges that were already overflowing with IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) are grappling with another heavy influx of refugees. Once again multiple humanitarian agencies are identifying this as one of the most devastating humanitarian crises of our time. Countless families are experiencing their fourth time taking refuge in a school from attacks.

Distribution of Medical Aid

IRUSA launched an official emergency, and worked with partners on the ground to get critical aid to the injured and affected, supplying food parcels and medical supplies: From the Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem to medical facilities in Gaza, Islamic Relief donors provided vital support so that the wounded could get treatment.  

On May 21, a “cease fire” was called to end the violence in Gaza, but days later, attacks against Palestinians elsewhere escalated again, including during Jummah prayers in Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa compound.

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