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Two apps coming your way from IRUSA

From sadaqah jariyah to prayer times, these apps have it all for you

When used effectively, technology can help Muslims become closer to Allah. While waiting on the train or at the doctor, an Islamic app can come in handy. While you wait, you could be logging hundreds of good deeds in your book instead of staring at the ceiling!

Ready, set, sadaqah

We have finally completed our work with Vianova for an app dedicated to Sadaqah and Sadaqah Jariyah. This app will open a portal to sustainable, long-term giving and charitable investments as well as spiritual reminders and more. Friends with Android phones can download this version, and Apple OS users can download here. Those of you joining us at MAS-CON 2021 can learn more about this app at our booth, C50.

Flagship IRUSA app still stands

IRUSA’s app makes it possible to donate to communities worldwide with just a few easy clicks. By presenting all ongoing appeals in one place, the app makes it easy for people hoping to make a change to search for a cause that resonates with them.

Some of the causes you can donate to on our app include, spreading some warmth this winter, orphan support, and Afghanistan refugee crisis.

All of the programs displayed on the IRUSA app are zakat eligible, with our zakat calculator making it possible for you to gauge how much you should be contributing towards charitable goals.

The app also provides you Islamic content in a whole new light. If you aspire for seamless Quran recitation, this app is a handy and effective way to brush up on your skills every time you get a few moments of peace in your busy and hectic day.

Need to offer Salah in a new place and don’t know which direction the Qibla is? This information is a click away.

Remembrance we all need

The daily practice of Dua and Adhkar is essential. In addition to a wide variety of supplications, this app encourages remembrance of Allah throughout the day.

Humanity comes first in Islam, and personal development is pivotal too. For that reason, our app provides useful services integral to the daily life of a Muslim. It has a service for every stage in a Muslim’s life. Just had a baby and can’t decide a name? Use the baby names feature for beautiful Islamic names and their meanings.

We are constantly updating our apps with new causes you can support and latest features that can support you in your goal to become a better Muslim.

All are welcome to download the app through Apple click here and for Google Play click here.

We hope to see you on our app for an integrated Muslim community!

Tariq is part of the Communications & External Relations team at Islamic Relief USA.

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