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Lebanon Blasts Shake Thousands

IRUSA Aids Beirut after an earthquake level explosion takes hundreds of lives.

An city in shards

Lebanon has been devastated by conflict and poverty, and is on the brink of famine and economic collapse, all compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic, and is now facing another catastrophe. If that sounds like too much for one sentence, that’s because it is.

Beirut is a city steeped in history, with an Ottoman past, Roman ruins and lingering remnants of the French occupation, it’s a city that can hark back to a time long gone. However, the recent past of this city, and indeed the country as a whole, does not bring the warm embrace of nostalgia. The recent explosion at a factory in the port area has brought the issues facing this storied old city to a devastating new level. 

A toll still being counted

The true extent of the damage caused by the explosion has yet to be determined, but what we do know is that this is a country whose resources were already stretched. What we do know is that the damage caused has affected families, destroyed homes, businesses, and changed the lives of Beirut citizens forever. Now following this devastation, it is our duty to help provide humanitarian aid to those brothers and sisters who have been left injured, grieving and homeless. 

What we can do

Islamic Relief USA has worked in Lebanon since 2006, and Alhamdulillah our team is on the ground right now, they are working tirelessly to support the citizens of Beirut as they recover from this latest tragedy. By donating today, you can help to support as we expand our efforts to do everything we can to assist those affected. 

They compare Beirut to a phoenix, because it has been rebuilt so many times, and Insha’Allah the city and its people will do so again, but they need our support. You can help support Beirut to rise again by heading over to https://irusa.org/middle-east/lebanon/.

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