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Covid-19 has Brought Out the Best of You (Video)

Your aid is reaching every city, village, town, community, and country we served with one reminder, we are in this together.

At IRUSA we are experienced in disaster relief. More than 25 years of being on the ground when crises strikes allows us a breadth of knowledge about how to best provide during emergencies. The support of our community of volunteers, donors, and staff allows us to be among those first responders far before a single news camera lens can capture the devastation. We don’t take that responsibility lightly.

The human toll of natural disaster and conflict can never really be measured. Our resolve was tested once again this past several months when IRUSA, like billions around the world, learned that a fierce virus was spreading like wildfire, taking many precious loved ones in its path. Most often, the disasters we provide emergency aid to occur in a community, region, and at the most, a particular country.

This time the world was/is held at bay by the Coronavirus. Your initiative as volunteers gave us poise. Your outpouring of support from donations grounded us in patience. Your circulation of thoughts and prayers gave us hope. Most of all it gave those suffering from the damages of Covid-19 a shoulder to lean on, thousands of shoulders to lean on.

What you’ve done to serve the countless vulnerable people during this time is briefly highlighted within the video below. It is a small note of love from the family here at IRUSA. As you know, our work hasn’t stopped, we must continue, hand-in-hand with you, working together for a better world.

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