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Eyes on Yemen: Preventing a compounded Crisis

COVID-19 looms over Yemen

As we in the Western world grapple with the realities of just how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected our lives. It can be easy to overlook the fact that we may have access to resources that lessen its impact. Some of us have seen this pandemic out, safe in the knowledge that we are protected by a functioning health care system as well as other vital services. 

Unfortunately, that is not the case for countless brothers and sisters all over the world. In particular, at this point in time, for brothers and sisters in Yemen. Dubbed by many as “The World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis,” the situation facing the Yemeni people has only been compounded by the Coronavirus outbreak.  

Facing reality

There is no shying away from the severity of what is happening in Yemen, a country decimated by war, ravaged by poverty and crippled by famine. Their devastated healthcare system, which is woefully unequipped at the best of times, now faces a scenario which far exceeds its scarce capabilities. With almost no reporting due to a lack of testing facilities as well as social and economic restrictions, we may never know the true extent of how the Coronavirus has affected Yemen. What we do know is that for a population of 3.6 million people who are internally displaced, one million of whom are living in camps. This situation leaves them in an incredibly vulnerable position. 

A recent U.N. humanitarian appeal for Yemen fell short of $1 billion, leaving aid agencies with no choice but to cut funding to crucial services such as healthcare, and food aid. For a population where 80% are in need of aid, this is a devastating blow. Since the most recent conflict in 2015 broke out, the Yemeni people have suffered at the hands of war, famine, and poverty. Increasingly, now more than ever, they need our help. 

An effort to save lives

Islamic Relief USA have been providing life-saving aid to almost all Yemeni provinces, even those where the ongoing conflict raises hazardous problems to contend with. In this time of dire need, we are even further committed to ensuring that we not only provide aid to help Yemen, but that it reaches those who need it the most. 

However, we can’t do this alone, as always, we need your support, and the people of Yemen need you compassion. It is your support that allows us to reach those who are in need, and it’s with your continued compassion that we aim, Insha’Allah, to continue to do just that. The Yemeni people deserve peace, they deserve to feel supported and safe. Providing them with aid that can potentially save their lives and ease their hardship. It’s just one step towards what they deserve. 

For more information or to make a donation, please visit, https://irusa.org/middle-east/yemen/. Help us to further raise awareness about how to help Yemen and to provide relief for those affected by this crisis by sharing information from our Instagram and Facebook pages @islamicreliefusa. 

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