IRUSA Eid Celebration


Ramadan is sadly coming to a close, the end of a blessed month for another year. However, with the end of Ramadan, comes another reason to celebrate…EID!!!

This year, as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to disrupt our usual routine, this Eid will certainly be one that many of us will never forget. Whilst we can’t follow our usual traditions of going to the mosque for Eid prayer or visiting friends and family. There are still many things that we can do to ensure that this Eid is memorable for the right reasons. That’s why at Islamic Relief USA, we’ve come up with tips to Insha’Allah make your Eid-ul-Fitr special.

  • Dress up – Yes you might be stuck at home, but that is not an excuse not to pull out your finest Eid clothes. As the saying goes look good, feel good, and how can you get into the Eid spirit if you’re not wearing something special?
  • Eid prayer – As much as it saddens us, the safest thing to do this Eid is to not pray Eid prayers at the mosque. However, thanks to wonders of technology, many of your local mosques maybe streaming Eid prayers direct to your home. So you can still get the Khutba and the feeling of being at the mosque and praying in congregation. If you’re just praying at home then there are a few things to remember.  
  • You can pray from 15 minutes after sunrise, until the time of Zawal (about 15 minutes before Dhuhr).
    • Two rakats, reciting Surah Fatihah and another surah.
    • First rakat has 7 takbeers, the second rakat has 5 takbeers.
  • Embrace your loved ones ­– Virtually of course. For those loved ones who you quarantining with, Eid is a great chance to check in, find out how their Ramadan went and most importantly, to say Eid Mubarak! Maybe go to visit your loved ones and celebrate Eid together and even exchange gifts from a safe distance.
  • Celebrate – That means decorate your house, make special food, bring out the board games. Whatever makes you and your loved ones feel like it’s Eid, do it, don’t hold back. You fasted throughout Ramadan and now is the time to celebrate. Join Islamic Relief USA as we host our virtual Eid Party over on

Insha’Allah you all had a great Ramadan, and we don’t want to let the Coronavirus ruin our Eid. So make sure to make the most of this Eid in whatever way you can! Please tag us over on our Instagram page @islamicreliefusa so we can see how much you’re enjoying your Eid and we hope you will join our Virtual Eid Party. Insha’Allah you and your loved ones have a great Eid.

Jazakullah Khair.

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