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5 Step Remedy for Ramadan Prep

A few select methods to win the month of mercy

Yusuf Azmi

Ramadan is only a few weeks away. Aside from preparing the iftar menu, it’s crucial that we prepare ourselves mentally and physically as well.

To make the most of this month and do things the right way, here are some Ramadan preparation tips you ought to consider.

1. Work on Fasting

The initial two or three days of Ramadan are the most challenging, both on our bodies and willpower. It takes time for our bodies to become acclimated to the long fasting hours, along with the appetite and exhaustion that accompanies them. So, an ideal way to beat the struggle of the first few days is to work on fasting before Ramadan begins. Fasting on alternate days during the weeks preceding Ramadan is an ideal way to ease into it.

2. Caffeine Withdrawal

To some, caffeine is a bigger concern than food, particularly in Ramadan. Many experience headaches and mood swings due to a lack of caffeine during the day. They also find it tough to focus on work without feeling lethargic. Instead of giving into this dependency, try limiting your intake of caffeine during the day to make your transition into Ramadan easier.

3. Psychological Readiness and Awareness

To get into the spirit of Ramadan and everything it represents, it is vital to start reading on the significance of the charitable events it entails. Get into the positive mindset of giving and make the most of the benefits of fasting. Start planning your Ramadan calendar, for instance, how many times a day you’ll be reciting the Quran, studying the Tafseer, or visiting the mosque for Taraweeh.

4. Stick only to your main meals

Reduce your snacking habits. If you find it challenging to fast in preparation for Ramadan, you can try and stick to three main meals while curbing snacking and late-night cravings. There is always an option to go a step further by cutting down to two meals only instead of three.

5. Work on yourself

Ramadan can be a start for you to become a better version of yourself. If you really want to welcome Ramadan the right way, then begin working on yourself right now. Be more kind, preserve praying, control an undue temper, quit habits that are detrimental to your health, such as smoking. Then Insha’Allah when Ramadan comes around you can make the benefits on offer last beyond such a blessed month.

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