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Where Your Ramadan Food Boxes Reached in 2019

A Truly Blessed Ramadan

Words fail to fully describe how abundant the blessings were during this past 2019 Ramadan. We spent lengthy days and even longer nights where we sought and shared mercy.

There’s something we should never forget about this bountiful month: from the moment it begins, millions of people unfortunately still face the same challenging trials they face year-round. Hunger doesn’t stop during Ramadan; poverty doesn’t press pause either.

Hunger doesn’t stop during Ramadan; poverty doesn’t press pause either.

IRUSA was fortunate to receive donations from so many donors like you who remembered this reality, and acted on it as part of your month-long spiritual reflection.

You remembered that almost one billion people still experience hunger. You kept in mind that 1 out of 10 people experience chronic hunger worldwide.

IRUSA’s annual Ramadan food box project was once again successful because you kept our needy brothers and sisters in mind.

Here’s a list of the top 10 countries where you were able to make a huge impact and what beneficiaries had to say about the support:

India – 50,000 people served.
Palestine – 41,075 people served.
Myanmar – 25,000 people served.
Somalia – 12,500 people served.
Yemen – 10,000 people served.
Bangladesh/Myanmar refugees – 6,000 people served.
Ethiopia – 6,000 people served.
Pakistan – 5,750 people served.
Syrian refugees – 5,500 people served.
Kenya – 4,500 people served.
…and more in over 30 countries!

You helped families like Vakhaeva’s.

It’s people like Vakhaeva in Chechnya, pictured above, who’ve been touched by your generosity. Her family had been surviving without consistent food for a long time.

Vakhaeva and her family once were able to manage by depending on her husband’s salary. Today, unfortunately, he can no longer hold the weight of their debts and expenses. “We hardly make the ends meet. My health was seriously aggravated during the war in Chechnya. I had an operation on the head and often suffer from the headaches,” she said.

Their household faced difficult decisions a family should never have to make. The amount of food they try to stretch across a months time is hardly enough. “Alhamdulillah. We are not starving, though each day I think long about what to feed the family in the evening. During the day the children have only tea. Seven children need much food, even to feed them with tea and bread,” Vakhaeva said.

Greatly Appreciated Support

This Ramadan was also a test for the family of nine. But with the assistance of Islamic Relief it wasn’t the burden it could have turned out to be. They were among thousands of recipients able to get an IRUSA Ramadan food package.

Vakhaeva remarked, “It allowed us and our children to fast and feed well during the Ramadan. I am not sure that our children would be able to fast if not eat enough in the nighttime. Secondly, we coped without additional debts which we could wind up during the month. I would like to thank everyone who contributed even a Rubble to this Ramadan assistance. I wish Allah’s mercy to them and a strong health.

In total, donors like you enabled Islamic Relief USA food boxes to reach over 200,000 people.

In total, donors like you enabled Islamic Relief USA food boxes to reach over 200,000 people. Each one of them received a share of mercy from people they may never meet. You’ve made this particular Ramadan in 2019 extra special, because you decided to be the change for people in need.

For that, we thank you. Your aid is their relief.

Tariq is part of the Communications & External Relations team at Islamic Relief USA.

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