Water for Life

Innovation in sustainability makes water available to countless families

Water is a human right. We believe that in a world where balance is present, no one should go without it. When it is absent, made scarce, and altogether restricted by man or nature it causes widespread devastation.

For those of us who enjoy the privilege of uninterrupted water access, we can forget easily how the day-to-day difficulty of purifying, finding, and guarding water can be. Making water accessible to communities across the world has remained a priority to IRUSA because there are few substantial changes we can make in the lives of the families we serve without it.

In Kenya, Halima Adan (name changed for security) lives in one of many districts where Islamic Relief is trucking in water daily so that community members have one less worry. Her family, like many others, lost their livestock to drought. Until the area becomes restored with water trucks will continue to transport water, taking the stress of mothers like Halima. On many days before they would have to walk miles at a time just to fetch water for simple tasks.

For school-age students in Niger, education and water access go hand-in-hand. If there are no ways to have sanitized water available, as well as hygienic facilities, students simply will not be able to attend. Kone Beri school’s population have had the ability to learn as they need to, without the worry of getting sick from their water. The construction of water retention tanks have made all the difference for the eager youngsters.

Brilliant girls like Djamila a 4th grader, whose commute was extended by hours due to water inaccessibility are now flourishing after placing the tanks at Kone Beri. Djamila has taken her schooling a step further by being a part of the hygiene committee at her school. She now helps others remain infection and disease free.

From Niger, to Kenya, to places such as Pakistan water is opening doors for thousands. Each time we implement a new water program and project we are reminded that its effects are complex and don’t just quench thirsts. Water educates. Water empowers. Water reinforces.

To continue fighting against poverty, we’ll need more water for life.

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