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Srebrenica: A Look at our Beginning in Bosnia

IRUSA reflects on Bosnia and families looking for hope this Qurbani season.


In 1995, one of the most harrowing tragedies took place in Srebrenica, Bosnia.

Over 8,000 Bosnian men and boys were massacred, in just 5 days. Thousands of women went missing and were the victims of mass rape and torture.

The children of those rape victims still have no legal recognition to this day. The Srebrenica genocide is one of the most brutal and horrifying events of our lifetime, but it is widely erased from our collective memory.

Till this day, bodies continue to be excavated and buried, giving families an opportunity to finally pray Janaza on their loved ones and bury them honourably.

The impact of this war has destroyed the economy, causing widespread poverty, which has disproportionately impacted widows and orphans.

It is our duty to honour the memory of the fellow Muslims we lost to this tragedy and provide relief to those still experiencing the effects of the conflict.

Situation is very difficult due to lack adequate health service and needed hygiene items in the country. The most vulnerable population in the country are poor children, elderly and unemployed families who do not have means to buy soaps, protective gloves, face masks, etc. Also, additional problem is insufficient awareness and poor knowledge of the population about the dangers from corona virus.

Islamic Relief will responded urgently:  -provided for the most vulnerable population such as soup kitchen beneficiaries (National kitchen Merhamet, Stari grad and Red cross) and persons with special needs and disabilities (Pazaric) with 2.750 hygiene kits: one packs of desinfectional gel 100 ml, one pack of desinfectional gel 1 l, liquid soap 1 l, medicine gloves 1 pack , face masks and educational leaflets in Sarajevo, Tuzla and Maglaj city.

Honour Their Memory

This genocide is one of the most brutal and horrifying events of our lifetime. Yet, it is widely erased from our collective memory.

It is our duty to bring Srebrenica to mind. To speak up and mark its anniversary is an act of resistance against all those who continue to perpetrate, justify or cover up the atrocities of discrimination and racism.

Please join us in devoting this upcoming week from July 6 – July 11 to remembering Srebrenica.

> Share and retweet our stories and posts during this week,

> Sign up to be part of our Bike for Bosnia Challenge on Saturday July 11

> Tune in for a LIVE memorial on Saturday July 11 at 2:00pm EST as we honour those we tragically lost

Donate to help rebuild lives

Together, we can help provide relief to the widows, orphans and survivors of this war.

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