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From all of us at Islamic Relief USA, we pray that your Ramadan is going well Insha’Allah.

With everything going on in the world, this Ramadan has certainly been one that we’ll never forget. As we reach the halfway point of Ramadan if you hadn’t realised by now. Islamic Relief USA have put together a LIVE daily program. To ensure that you and your family can stay connected this Ramadan, because this is a time to rejoice and come together.

We’re hosting multiple live events every day, specifically designed to whet your appetite for knowledge and keep your minds strong.

Our daily line up consists of various shows, spread throughout the day. (All times are in EST)

DAILY – 5:00AM/Pre Fajr – Ramadan Reflection (10 mins)

Start your fast off with a daily dose of Ramadan reflection, as we cover the stories of the prophets. A great way to get your mind ready for a day of fasting and enlightenment.

DAILY – 12:00PM/Post Dhuhr – Fit and Fun Without Sun (12 mins)

There’s no excuses not to stay active this Ramadan, even if you are just at home. This 12-minute workout at 12 every day, will help keep your body burning fat long after you’ve broken your fast.

DAILY – 5:00PM/After Asr – 10 Day Ramadan Program (30 mins)

We will be hosting special Ramadan discussions centred around the first, middle and last 10 days. Specifically designed so that you can gain knowledge every day. With guest speakers and important topics to discuss, this is not one to miss.

DAILY – 10:00PM/After Isha – Taraweeh: Quran and Reflection (1hr)

We know that it will be tough not going to the mosque for Tarawih prayer. Going to the mosque every night for Isha is one of the highlights of Ramadan. However, we’ve got you covered from the safety of your own home. Join us each night Insha’Allah for Tarawih prayers, followed by a short period of reflection.

MON-THURS – 1:30PM/After Dhuhr – Childrens Reading (30mins)

Ramadan is an important time, and it’s great to get your children gaining knowledge and excitement for this magical month. For four days a week, we’re going to be hosting a reading series for children to get to know incredible Islamic stories and pick up some valuable lessons along the way.

FRIDAYS – 1:30/2:30/3:30PM – Jummah with IRUSA – (30mins)

We’ve missed going to Jummah prayers at the mosque, but this Ramadan we’re bringing Jummah prayers to your house. Insha’Allah you’ll join us, with guest imams and staggered times for those of you who are working. We can all enjoy Jummah prayers, lockdown style.

SATURDAYS – 1:30PM/After Dhuhr – Cooking with IRUSA (1hr)

Let’s not pretend like Iftar feasts aren’t a thing. Whilst we can’t forget to eat in moderation, that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare yourself something a little bit special for Iftar. That’s why every Saturday we’re so excited to present our cooking series. We’ll be showing you some AMAZING recipes that you can make for you and your family, right in your own kitchen.

SATURDAYS – 7:00PM/Before Maghrib – Iftar Program (3hrs)

Spending Iftar together is one of the most rewarding feelings during Ramadan. That’s why every Saturday, we’re bringing you an Iftar program. Complete with dua’s, Maghrib prayers and discussions, this is not one to miss.

SUNDAYS – 1:30PM/After Dhuhr – Spread Hope not Covid (1hr 30mins)

We all need a little bit of good vibes during these uncertain times, that’s why we’ve come up with our Spread Hope not Covid series. A sure fire way to incite some good feelings, and remind you that if we work together, we will come out of this stronger Insha’Allah.

27th Night – 11:00PM/After Isha – HereAfter (2hrs)

We all know the importance of the 27th night of Ramadan, and so we’re bringing you a special broadcast specifically discussing important lessons regarding the Here After. This is something that we’re all going to face Insha’Allah, so make sure you tune in.


What do you get when you finish Ramadan but you still have to follow current health and safety regulations? That’s right, a SOCIAL DISTANCING EID PARTY. Join us for a celebration of all things Eid, Ramadan with a healthy dose of social distancing. You’ve worked hard all Ramadan, it’s time to let your hair down (metaphorically of course).

Insha’Allah we hope you can join us for these events, they’ve been amazing so far and we can’t wait for you to get involved if you haven’t already. If you are watching then please share any videos or pictures of you getting involved, with us on our Instagram and Facebook pages.



We would love to see them, and we may even share them as well to show everyone how much fun and informative our Live channel has been. We hope that you and your loved ones have a blessed Ramadan and see you on www.irusa.org/live soon.

Jazakullah Khair,

Islamic Relief USA.

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