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For You, Palestine!

Hearts combine to support the people of Palestine

Islamic Relief USA’s National Event team hosted a live online event on the 13th December 2020 to raise awareness and funds for IRUSA’s projects in Palestine. IRUSA’s Sanat Karkat & Said Durrah presented the event titled: For You, Palestine! World-renowned religious leaders, athletes, and talent gathered to support the people of Palestine.

The hosts Karkat and Durrah kicked off the show with somber reflections from the past year. As the COVID-19 pandemic engulfed the world in 2020, attention diverted from Palestine to other urgent causes. The COVID-19 pandemic amplified the impact of Palestine’s funding crisis and left already struggling Palestinian refugees vulnerable to hunger, poverty, and disease. 

“This diversion is understandable as many parts of the world have been in pain.” Karkat said, “Not only have Palestinians been suffering for decades, but now they are also impacted by the pandemic.” Despite the pandemic’s global challenges— “donations for Palestinians are still urgently needed.” Karkat said.

Values and Voices

Keynote Speaker Archbishop Attalah Hanna highlighted viewers’ core spiritual values. Bishop Hanna said. “We all believe that the humans that Allah has created, we are obligated to serve them and be by their side. Especially the person who suffers, the one who is tortured. And the person who has his dignity degraded.” He thanked IRUSA for their support and urged people not to forget the people of Palestine. 

Ustadh Abdel Rahman Murphy, reflected on his visit to Hebron, West Bank. Murphy shared his encounter with brothers inside Masjid-e-Ebrahim in Hebron. He described their determination despite the challenges they faced to access the masjid. He said, “Palestinian people continue to go to the mosque to offer their prayers because the life of Philistine must be kept alive.” Murphy lauded Palestinians dignity and resilience; despite the years of conflict and blockade imposed by Israeli forces.

Impacted and Inspired

The online event included an array of videos exhibiting IRUSA’s programs in Palestine. From desperately needed home renovations in Gaza to education support for school students. IRUSA’s work also provides critical primary health care to patients, including psychosocial support, screening, and treatment of non-communicable diseases and healthy lifestyle education for women. WASH projects, orphan support, and sustainable development for the youth in Palestine.

The event also celebrated Palestinian Art and Culture. Al Baydar Dabka Belal, a Palestinian Dabka team in the USA who combined circle dance and line dancing, provided entertainment creating a joyous atmosphere.

Palestinian American professional sport MMA Fighters Abdul Kareem al-Selwady, aka ‘Pride of Palestine,’ the first Palestinian to win an MMA world lightweight title in 2018, and Belal Muhammad-(UFC); were joined by Oday Aboushi, an NFL player. They all used their platform to help shed light on the plight of Palestinians and encourage donations.

The event For You, Palestine! was well supported and watched online by thousands of IRUSA supporters. 

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