Blueshirts Shine Bright in 2020

Volunteers show inspiring resilience all year

Hitting the Ground Running for MLK Day of Service 2020

For MLK Day 2020, more than 400 Islamic Relief USA volunteers spent a day packaging an outstanding 100k meals that were distributed domestically to various food banks and shelters. The interwoven fabric of love and legacy that day was the eternal flame, the burning stone that sealed the opportunity and helped capture the importance of service and empowerment.

Our volunteers painted the moving picture that a few hundred hearts are capable of going above and beyond. That’s what gives our mission its energy to provide relief and development in a dignified manner regardless of gender, race or religion. 

Positive Outlook in a Global Pandemic

COVID-19; a stark reminder of longstanding inequities that exist in our communities. A tribute to the truth and meaning that re-wires and directs our action to help those in need. A reminder that our verb means greater than the dark noun that loomed large throughout our society, affecting our  loved ones, and the underprivileged.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Islamic Relief has been responding both globally and locally to help deliver aid to our neighbors. As a part of the effort, our volunteers raised close to $50k to continue serving in any way they can! Our champions on  the front lines reminded us that we have to do our part, reduce harm and help save lives. Our volunteers decided to provide the most critical tool needed at this time; masks.

The  volunteers teamed up to make 10,000 cloth masks and hygiene kits to be dedicated at health centers both locally and across the nation. Our salutes go to the Blueshirts; the ones who always stood by, they never forgot the cause or ever questioned why.

The Lean on Me Project; A Defining Movement

Volunteers haven’t been able to get involved in the same ways that they used to, but they’ve made an impact through the Lean on Me Campaign; largest mobilization of volunteers EVER, raising funds towards IRUSA projects! “We still have work to do, and people to serve”was their motto and ultimate calling card.

Ramadan highlighted major causes we knew volunteers would be excited to take part in. Over 400 crowdfunding pages were created, and nearly $300k raised! Efforts supported ranged from education, women’s empowerment, refugees, water & sanitation, to food aid. It happened all from the relentless support through volunteers’ efforts in blessed nights. Volunteers; the great giving souls, were able to donate over 1 million dollars to the campaign!

Quality Qurbani

The wheel of good continued along, and fulfilling an Islamic tradition that fights hunger was at our doorstep. It was Qurbani season, the story of sharing meat with the meaning of sacrifice, an act and encouragement from the Lord’s advice. Our dedicated team of volunteers Our dedicated team of volunteers strived to raise around 63K! These donations enabled Islamic Relief USA to provide quality meat and a critical source of protein to thousands of vulnerable people across the world.

It was now mid-year and Lebanon was on the brink of economic collapse, and due to the combined challenges of a baking crisis and covid-19 lockdown, our volunteers helped support thousands of children struggling for survival, including fighting impending famine knowing the need is undeniable. As much as we’ve been able to accomplish, there is still so much more to do. Volunteers; the forefront pioneers, helped us support reconstruction efforts like hospital rehabilitation, supporting heart surgeries for children in need, delivering supplies to refugee families living in camps and the list continues!

Virtual Portal begins a new chapter for Blueshirts

The Perseverance of our volunteers throughout 2020 despite many challenges and an unprecedented time can’t be overstated. As the tragedy of covid is having a profound effect on the lives of millions people across the world they’ve continued to press forward. As a team, we’ve been humbled by the wave of inspiring new ideas developed in response, and from the last few months the volunteer department has been more innovative than ever before!

Working for a better world, we were able to launch “Project Recharge,” an opportunity for our 17,000 volunteers to recharge, re-connect and learn about new virtual volunteering initiatives. IRUSA volunteers have helped hundreds of thousands of Palestinians with programs that provide livelihood support for farmers, helping vulnerable children and more. Volunteers led the campaign to close the gap for underfunded projects and cover the deficit. With their continued support, we were able to raise over $12,000!

Blueshirts are now on the virtual end of pulling together a list of practical ways to make a positive impact here at Islamic relief, and this is just the beginning of the ripples of change. Become a part of our legacy, and sign up here irusa.org/volunteer.

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