What do Muslims at Islamic Relief USA Really Do?

Nada Shawish is communications specialist at Islamic Relief USA.

What happens when a radio show host meets with the Islamic Relief USA marketing team? Well, Success Freaks co-Host Mordant Mahon found out when he came to Islamic Relief USA headquarters to record the episode: “My Favorite Muslim”.

Yup, we’re a rambunctious bunch of humanitarians here at Islamic Relief USA marketing, and many of us also happen to identify as Muslims. With media trends and current politics we sometimes get a bad rep. Especially with “Islamic” in the organization’s name, our charitable tagline “working together for a better world” gets lost in the great abyss of bias.

So, here we are, in all of our normalcy (as normal as people can be anyway). And we’re not one kind of person (shocked?).

Watch our little VLOG, hang with us a bit, and decide for yourself. You’ll see what I mean.


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