With Love, From Lesbos, Greece: A Video Postcard Addressed To You

Nada Shawish is Communications Specialist at Islamic Relief USA.

Have you ever wanted to go to the Greek Islands? A postcard has arrived from Greece, and it’s addressed to you from Islamic Relief USA’s CEO Anwar Khan. He’s virtually inviting you there. Watch with an open mind and heart—And see for yourself ..

IRUSA Refugee Humanitarian Aid

The Greek Islands are a place that people often go to for vacation—this is what they’re like right now:

Instead of floating leisurely on calm waters, imagine traveling in dinghies and rafts unsuitable for sea travel, like this one, to try to get across the Mediterranean Sea.

These people aren’t site seeing on the beach. Humanitarians have replaced vacationers – among them are your Islamic Relief brothers and sisters – and they’re waving from the beach to guide refugees to land.

Some are even offering rides so that people can get to where they need safely and quickly …

Islamic Relief staff are there, delivering translation services, food, water and medical care — only possible by the support Islamic Relief donors have given, and continue to give.

Islamic Relief USA’s Creative Director Ridwan Adhami wishes you were here…

This isn’t the end of these refugees’ journey. It’s only the beginning. After arriving in Lesbos, they have to find their way by bus, boat or even on foot—any way to get to asylum. Most are aiming to get to Germany. Many will never make it there. It’s the present day “Trail of Tears”.

Please, consider that these refugees are your brothers and sisters—people with children and families

… People like you and I who need you to show up for them so that we can all live in a better, safer world.

There isn’t a good vacation from being human.

Send your love to refugees in crisis in Europe now.