Thank You and Happy New Year from IRUSA!

Assalamu Alaikum, and Happy New Year from IRUSA!

It is our honor to begin 2019 alongside humanitarians like you.

Thank you for sharing our 25th anniversary year with us and helping us commemorate a legacy of service and hope. Looking back on 2018, we have so much to be proud of.

Together, we shared food and responded to urgent needs here at home and around the world. We kept true to our values and faith more than ever. We rushed to the aid of survivors of California wildfires and Hurricane Florence. We continued long term recovery efforts for hurricane damage in Houston and North Carolina. We cared for our neighbors more than ever before.

Together, we created rooftop gardens in Bangladesh that combat climate change by reducing temperatures and providing a sustainable food model. We built wells across Africa in countries like Chad, Niger, and Malawi that use innovative solar technology for greater impact. We empowered female communities worldwide to be able to create businesses that improve their livelihoods. We were voices for the voiceless, and champions of the vulnerable.

You helped us touch millions of lives and relieve so much suffering. You helped us lift people out of poverty and now, thanks to you, they are standing on their own.

For 25 years, you’ve shown how far and wide your light can spread. Now, we look forward to a world that will continue to need your light as it grapples with climate change, gender inequality, refugee resettlement, food security, disaster response, and more.

May Allah (SWT) multiply your rewards for all that you do to help people around the world. May Allah (SWT) empower us to do even more in 2019, and beyond!

Chancey is the Editor-in-Chief for ReliefLab and a Content Creator at Islamic Relief USA. We would love to feature your voice on the blog – send us a message at relieflab@irusa.org.

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