Saving Lives? There’s an Islamic Relief App for That

Just imagine what it’s like to be an aid worker in Syria delivering life-saving care.

Envision being on the ground in Pakistan establishing shelters for families who’ve lost everything due to floods that wiped out entire towns.

Or imagine experiencing life in Mali where micro-dams can deliver life-saving water to families battling the realities of drought.

There an App for That

Now, you can virtually experience what that’s like through Islamic Relief’s brand-new interactive video game, Virtue Reality.

Virtue Reality is the first gaming app to be developed by an Islamic charity.

>> iOS iPhone users, click here to download the app now!
>> Android users, click
here to download the app now!

The first-ever video game to be crafted by an Islamic charity, Virtue Reality is based on real relief projects around the globe, real people and real challenges.

Through this one-of-a-kind app-based game, you’ll see how Islamic Relief works on the ground to support children, women, and men in crisis.

When you play the game, you’ll learn how you can provide medical aid, food, shelter, and water to families and communities across the globe from Albania to Gaza, Pakistan to Somalia, Myanmar to Bangladesh.

You’ll gain insights into the efforts required in the work of saving and transforming lives. At the same time, you’ll discover what impact you can make in some of the most vulnerable communities worldwide.

BBC News even did an article feature on the app that you can read here!

Why an App?

The purpose of this (fun, addictive, awesome) game is not necessarily to garner donations, but rather to raise awareness of Islamic Relief’s overseas work.

It also promotes Charity Week (that’s a link you gotta click!) by showcasing the amazing projects the campaign has funded. Finally, it provides first-hand experience about how humanitarian work is done in different nations.

But don’t just take our word for it. Download today to join Islamic Relief USA and it’s worldwide partners to experience working together for a better world for yourself.

>> iOS iPhone users, click here to download the app now!
>> Android users, click
here to download the app now!

The English-language based app is suitable for all ages. The official launch for the game took place at the National Videogame Museum in the United Kingdom.

Happy gaming for a better world!

Kelly is part of the Communications & External Relations team at Islamic Relief USA.

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