Regional Office Spotlight: Meet the MW Team!

In August, we introduced you to our Southwest regional team located in sunny southern California. And in September, you got to hear from the Northwest regional team in the northern part of the state.

This time as part of our ongoing series highlighting IRUSA’s seven regional offices around the country, we’re (virtually) heading to the Chicagoland area to connect with the good ol’ Midwest office (they cover way more than just Chicago).

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Let’s hear it for all our Chicago-based donors (Daaaaa Bearssss).

To be honest, this regional office may be contenders for the best regional office interview yet…their words are so inspiring and they really went above and beyond to share their work.

But don’t take our word for it, read for yourself below.

Meet the MW Team

IRUSA Headquarters: Go ahead and introduce our fabulous readers to the Midwest team.

Ahmed Aduib is the Midwest Regional Manager. Here’s what Ahmed had to say:

“For me personally, the most enjoyable part of working at IRUSA has been the challenges I have endured and overcome, from giving lectures (khutbahs) in packed crowds, to fundraising at events. I have experienced situations that took me out of my comfort zone and I am grateful for those opportunities. Another aspect I respect and like about IRUSA is the organization’s continuing efforts to grow; it makes me feel like the efforts are put in the right direction which encourages myself and my team to have a growth mindset.”

Abdullah Fadhli is the Development Coordinator. He shared:

“My favorite part of working for Islamic Relief is being placed in a position where I can work towards helping disenfranchised people around the world, and working towards relieving communities from chronic poverty while preserving their dignity.”

Muhammad Hafeez is also a Development Coordinator. Muhammad said:

“To me, working for humanity has always been my passion and inspiration. While being with Islamic Relief from the past 5 years, I have availed being given opportunity to dedicate myself to the inspiring work Islamic Relief is doing for the past 26 years—from providing emergency relief to the sustainable development interventions to helping the impoverished communities around the world in a dignified manner. So, my favorite part of being on this job is to contribute my bit to work together for a better world.”

“I’d also like to convey a message to IR donors that their support means a lot to the people in desperate need around the world. I’m more enthusiastic and determined to continue to work toward the mission of IR after witnessing success stories in the field in my recent field visits to Pakistan. I met a widow, Parveen, who is the mother of 4 daughters supported by one of IR’s projects in A.J. Kashmir, and is on the path to self-reliance. Islamic Relief USA is supporting her while helping her to utilize her skill set in tailoring. IRUSA provided her an electric sewing machine with solar panel equipment, to increase her productivity and income. Alhamdulliah, this impacted her life greatly and helped her to rise out of extreme poverty. One of her daughters completed her MSc from the local university, and another who is an IRUSA sponsored orphan is completing her post-graduation in MSc-Computer Science.”

“Similarly, in Balochistan, Pakistan (Pakistan’s most arid and impoverished area), IRUSA is working in far-flung areas where no one can even think to reach out, but IR is there reaching out to the communities and villages. IR is providing them safe drinking water, electricity through solar panels, and also training local farmers with technical skills to be more productive.”

“Another inspiring project is one in the health sector: IR built the only Eye Care Unit which has cured more than 55,000 eye patients in the entire area. It couldn’t be possible without the support and generous donors, after the help of God, Allah (SWT). So I’d urge our donors toplease continue your support toward IR projects/programs so that we can make a difference in the lives of most needed populations around the world. Jazak Allah Khair (May God bless you)!”

For more information about inspiring projects like these, check out IRUSA’s Asia Donor Report.

Thahani Salih is the Event Coordinator (people, this is a crazy hard job, let’s give her a huge virtual round of applause!). Here’s Thahani’s perspective:

“My favorite part of working for IRUSA  is being in a position to help people who need it the most not just here at home in the US, but around the world. I also love that working at IRUSA has given me new experiences and helped me learn a lot about myself as well.”

Wsmah Siddiqui is the Regional Volunteer Coordinator, and shared:

“My favorite part about working for IRUSA is simply that I love that IRUSA is a humanitarian organization [editor: and award-winning, we might add] and provides relief aid to those that need it the most. IRUSA is always on the ground in every disaster, and one of the first to respond. What I really love about IRUSA is that it always cares about the long term relief, and I really love being a part of an organization whose mission and values I really admire and resonate with.”

Upcoming Events

IRUSA Headquarters: Beautiful. It’s really humbling and inspiring to hear about the sincerity with which your office staff approaches work. What upcoming events is the MW office promoting? What’s most exciting about those events?

MW: We have three benefit dinners for orphans in Pakistan coming up across the Midwest. We are also collaborating with the University of Illinois and Chicago’s Pakistan Student Association to have their first annual orphans benefit dinner. Additionally, we have upcoming meal pack outs in Kansas City and Chicago.

IRUSA Headquarters: Wishing you the best with those exciting engagements. Are there any other updates you’d like to share with donors?

MW: It’s been an honor to travel around the Midwest and visit the many beautiful communities here. We’ve had the privilege of meeting and getting to know our generous donors. Your generosity has significantly helped relieve suffering around the world. Many people now have the opportunity to live better lives in places like Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Pakistan, Mali, Niger, Somalia, and several other regions around the world! We look forward to seeing you at the AMP and MAS conventions at the end of 2019, and we are excited to hit the ground running in 2020.

Get in Touch

Islamic Relief Headquarters: Your enthusiasm and passion are contagious! Thank you so much. How can donors get in touch with you?

MW: We love hearing from donors! They can feel free to reach us at or by calling (773) 346-2175.

There you have it—a brief but satisfying introduction to IRUSA’s Midwest team. Feel free to connect with them with any further questions, and be on the look out for the next regional office spotlight in November 2019.

Until then, let’s keep working together for a better world.

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