Juz 30 Imam Johari Ramadan Reflections

Ramadan Reflections: Juz 30 with Imam Johari Abdul-Malik

Juz 30 Imam Johari Ramadan Reflections

On the final day of Ramadan, Imam Johari shares a reflection from Juz 30. Thank you for joining Islamic Relief USA on our journey to explore the Qur’an this month.

As we come to the end of Ramadan, in the last 30th of the divine revelation, the Qur’an, I’m reminded that these verses are primarily revealed in a society much like our own. A society where Muslims were the minority and the call to Islam was a call for the poor, for equality, for all people in the sight of God. A resounding call to do worship and to do justice. It repeats in a dozen places in the Qur’an and resolves itself in the final chapter saying, “Verily those who have iman, who have a connection with God and follow it with deeds that flow out of it of righteousness, these are the people who are successful in this life and in the hereafter.” And this is what, at its best, Ramadan is all about. A time to strengthen our connection with Allah in order to have the moral and spiritual strength to go out and do justice.


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