Juz 29 Abdelrahman Murphy

Ramadan Reflections: Juz 29 with Ustadh Abdelrahman Murphy

Juz 29 Abdelrahman Murphy

Today Ustadh Abdelrahman Murphy shares a reflection from Juz 29. Subscribe to the series to receive the video of this reflection along with the other daily reflections each morning. Join Islamic Relief USA in exploring the Qur’an this month.

In the 29th Juz of the Qur’an, in Surah Al-Qalam, Allah (SWT) mentions one of the amazing characteristics of the Prophet (SAW). And this is a person, by the way, this is a man whose job is to teach all of humanity about religion, all of humanity about Allah, all of humanity about what’s right and wrong. Yet Allah highlights a characteristic about him when he says, “Verily, you are on the best character.” God Almighty here is taking an entire verse of the Qur’an to highlight that this man’s job (SAW), who is to teach religion, his character is incredible. What’s interesting about this verse is that whenever you interact with people often times you find that most individuals who have been pushed away from religion are not pushed away by the teachings of the religion but by the experiences that they have with people. So someone might come to them with all the right content, but the delivery is off. So Allah has now explained to us and to His messenger through this verse that his character is what keeps him relevant, not just the content, not just the message, but the way he delivers it. So as we move forward from Ramadan, and outside of Ramadan, let’s remember to keep our character as beautiful as the message that we have. We ask Allah to accept.


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