International Women’s Day 2019: Around the World with the Women of IRUSA

Today, March 8, 2019, is International Women's Day. In honor of this special day, we want to pay homage to all the rockstar women we serve around the world.


The Americas

Single Mothers, Take a Bow

We were fortunate enough to meet Chiquista in 2016. She is an inspiring and hardworking single mother of three who found herself without a home when she lost her job. 

We worked with United Way in Virginia to help Chiquista get back on her feet, and now she has a new job and a home for her family.


Super She-roes, Flaunt Your Capes

It is difficult to put the awe we feel into words when it comes to the women we work with in Niger. These women fight life-threatening circumstances, including food insecurity, water pollution, drought, and flooding. Many of them do so while being the sole providers for their children and families.

We've provided many women in Niger with the resources they need to better secure their futures, like clean water wells, strong infrastructure, and farming techniques that generate income. When we provide the resources, they are able to do the rest—and they do the rest very well. 


Smart Ladies, Work Those Brains

In Afghanistan, 17% of women are literate. Many women in Afghanistan are working tirelessly to change that. With strength and drive, thousands of Afghani women have been participating in IRUSA-led education initiatives for years.

They utilize these programs to improve their literacy and business skills and work towards self-sufficiency. These women, and their pushback against the limitations around them, inspire us every day.


Spotlight on the Girls, They Will Grow to Shake the World

We met Dana in Chechnya back in 2013, and she still holds a special place in our hearts today. A tiny but mighty force, she was one of the recipients of our orphans program in the country. An eager student in the second grade, Dana spent about five hours each day working on her homework. 

When she wasn't in school, she would help her mother with household chores. Her father had recently passed, and her family's circumstances were pretty dire.

The orphans program offered Dana and her family necessary support, and she told us how she was determined to use that assistance to rebuild her family home when she grows up. 

The Middle East

The Displaced Women, They’re Unwavering

Displaced women have often times spent their entire adult lives building their homes, families, and livelihoods. They are unjustly robbed of everything familiar to them with an abrupt and unmerciful force. Their fortitude is what we remember most.

This displaced woman in Syria remind us that refugee and internally displaced women are the constants amidst all chaos. We provide them with necessities like food to nourish their health, but their smiles, their perseverance, and their vitality nourish their families.



We strive to honor these phenomenal women today and every day. Please continue to lend your support to our women's programs so we can continue to aid the world's women who multiply all the good given to them.

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