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Fall 2019 Flooding Displaces Families Worldwide

This fall, flooding in countries like the Bahamas, Mali, Sudan, India, and Niger have displaced families.The impact is devastating; the need for aid is critical.

For many of us in the United States, the fall season brings warm, cozy, and nostalgic feelings. We associate the season with sweaters, pumpkin patches, leaves changing colors, and warm seasonal drinks like apple cider.

Yet for many of our brothers and sisters around the world, fall is a time of caution and concern. Rainy seasons often begin or peak, sometimes growing into full-on floods.

Some evidence suggests that climate change has made these seasons increase in severity, leaving families already grappling with poverty in even more dire circumstances.

Impact of flooding in Niger on one family’s home.

The impacts of worldwide flooding in fall 2019 are heartbreaking.

One of the most close to home examples is Hurricane Dorian, which flattened neighborhoods in the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, and coastal United States.

In Africa, Niger‘s record rainfall has left children and their parentson the verge of a cholera epidemic. And torrential downpour in Mali has left thousands without sources of food. Additionally, over 100,000 homes across Sudan have been wiped off the map by flash flooding.

In Pakistan and India, killer floods are also wreaking havoc on families in need, many of whom have experienced them before.

“There are no words to describe the experience. Everybody lost everything.” – Brennamae Cooper, Hurricane Dorian survivor

Experts and relief agencies worldwide who are scrambling to rush relief to survivors are stressing that the need for aid is critical and urgent. 

Islamic Relief USA has declared an emergency response in many of the countries listed above, and Islamic Relief partner offices on the ground in dozens of countries allows aid to reach survivors quickly and efficiently.

Needs assessment being carried out by IR staff during the Mali floods September 2019

Emergency response includes distribution of vital supplies to families in need of immediate relief, as well as long-term plans to help flood-prone areas prepare for the future.

Kelly is part of the Communications & External Relations team at Islamic Relief USA.

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