Eastern Ghouta Emergency - Islamic Relief USA

IR Delivering Aid in Eastern Ghouta: “Until our very last breath”

We received an update from IR staff on the ground delivering aid in Eastern Ghouta. Read the latest account below, or check out the video linked in this post.

Eastern Ghouta Emergency - Islamic Relief USA

We are in Eastern Ghouta. The date is February 25, 2018. The Islamic Relief team is working to deliver bread and food packs in Eastern Ghouta.

We started on February 13, 2018 and we continued our work up until February 22, 2018.

At the moment, Eastern Ghouta is under heavy bombardment 24 hours a day. Many people are now living underground, and our team has been under attack more than once during the distributions

Our building has been attacked and is now unrecognizable. We have only managed to deliver half the aid. We will continue to deliver the aid despite the difficult situation here.

We can’t distribute during the day, it has to be at night. The team could be attacked at any time. People are attacked on the streets and they all now live underground, even the women and children.

Everyone is underground. If you come out into the streets you could face heavy bombardment. The situation and the living conditions are very bad. You will not find the basic living conditions underground, even clean water is not available.

This is our warehouse.

Eastern Ghouta Warehouse - Islamic Relief USA

It has also been affected by the bombardment. We will aim to distribute the food packs before they are destroyed or stolen.

We have to arrange emergency distributions to the families in need at night. This will be done in unconventional ways because of the emergency. This is the remainder of the food packs which we will distribute very soon.

We will continue to deliver the aid until our very last breath.

Help our staff in Syria!


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