Do These 12 Actions on World Humanitarian Day

Islamic Relief USA President Anwar Khan visits with a child in Yemen.

It’s World Humanitarian Day.

And it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

After all, with humanitarian crises in Myanmar, Syria, and Yemen and so many other places that seem to have no end in sight, any true humanitarian can be easily overtaken by a mixture of grief and compassion.

But those feelings are the precursor to action. And that’s why humanitarian organizations across the world aren’t taking a no for an answer when it comes to intervening and coming to aid of those in need.

Today, you can join your fellow humanitarians by taking actions big and small, local and global.

In fact, we’ve put together 12 actions for you right here, all in the form of a vertical poem that spells HUMANITARIAN—let’s go!

H – Heal the community nearest to your heart. That can mean planting a tree to help heal the earth, apologizing to a family member to heal a sullied relationship, or donating to a critical global healthcare project.

U – Understand the perspectives of a faith-based community other than your own by seeking out interfaith initiatives to attend or support.

M – Move. There’s nothing like doing a 5K for a cause with a group of old and new friends to get you feeling optimistic about making positive change in the world.

A – Advocate. This is probably one of the biggest humanitarian actions we can all take. When you advocate for humanitarian causes that are critical, your voice gets elevated with other voices, and can change policies.

N – Notify your friends and families about the causes you care about most by posting about them on your social media platforms. You can even create fundraisers on your Facebook page that will garner funds.

I – Investigate the real facts behind worldwide crises from a variety of sources beyond the nightly news. Knowledge is power, and when you have the real facts, you become a more powerful advocate.

T – Teach others that being a true humanitarian starts with being a compassionate person. Be kind to others and your values will shine through.

A – Act now by donating for immediate, important impact on the world’s most vulnerable people.

R – Read, read, read. Someone once said, “Not all leaders are readers, but all readers are leaders.” The more you know, the more you grow.

I – Inform your elected officials about the concerns and values that are most important to you by contacting them.

A – Activate your subscription to our monthly humanitarian newsletter and mailers.

N – Never give up. To the world you may only be one person, but to one person you may be the world.

So on this World Humanitarian Day, even if you pick one small way to make a difference, know that that one action is not small at all.

Kelly is part of the Communications & External Relations team at Islamic Relief USA.

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