Bosnia, Turkey, and Peru—Oh My!

Many of us who grew up in the 1990s remember the classic PBS TV series Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? At the time, Carmen’s worldwide adventures seemed ridiculously and epically cool.

The Islamic Relief USA challenges are kind of like that—ridiculously cool adventures, and you never know where next in the world they will take place. Epic, right?

But there’s two ways we think Team IRUSA Challenges are even cooler that Carmen Sandiego: 1) They’re all to benefit amazing, life-changing development projects and 2) You’re invited to be part of the fun!

In 2019, Team IRUSA has four challenges that include biking and trekking, two of which have already been completed. The completed challenges included Morocco and Bosnia as destinations, and upcoming trips are taking challengers to Turkey and Peru, insha’Allah.

The most recent trip, cycling in Bosnia, recently completed this month. Omar Nassimi, IRUSA Engagement Specialist, attended the trip.

“There were some parts of the journey where the uphill and downhill slopes were really steep,” he shared, “it was hard at times, but after it was over the entire group was proud of what they had done and had a strong feeling of accomplishment.”

And if feeling accomplished for mounting a hill with a bike (walking or riding!) is significant, the feeling of fundraising money for water wells in Africa is even more so. Challenge participants aren’t just cycling or trekking in vain—they create their own fundraising pages where supporters can donate toward IRUSA projects like sand dams in Africa.

There are two challenges left this year—biking in Turkey from September 8-16, 2019 and trekking the Inca Jungle in Peru from November 22-29, 2019 (sold out).

Sign up now for the Turkey Challenge if you’re interested, or else feel free to donate for this special cause.

Article written by:

Kelly is part of the Communications & External Relations team at Islamic Relief USA.