Islamic Relief USA - Biking for Bosnia

Biking For Bosnia: Kicking Off A Year Of Challenges

IRUSA assembled a team of four to join Islamic Relief partners from around the world on a four-day cycling adventure through historic Spain. What the team lacked in size, they made up for in heart. Riders from South Africa, Spain, Italy, Canada and Islamic Relief Worldwide all showed up to be a part of this effort to raise money for a good cause.

Islamic Relief USA - Biking for Bosnia

The tour began with the team visiting the masjid of Córdoba, famous for its beautiful red arches and rich history. After the visit, the challenge commenced: a daunting 200 kilometer (approximately 120 mile) bike ride from Córdoba to Grenada.

IRUSA’s Community Engagement Specialist Omar Nassimi was one of the brave souls who endured this challenge.

“The experience was grueling. The hardest physical thing I’ve ever done,” Nassimi said, explaining that it was a combination of a bike challenge and also a historical tour of Spain, complete with lessons on history in between the long rides. Every day would begin in one city and end in another.

The team traveled on bike paths, highways and dirt roads, endured several flat tires, broken bike chains and even a few injuries. The hardships reminded them to push forward for the causes they were supporting.

For IRUSA, the cause was Bosnian relief, and this trip kicked off IRUSA’s 2018 year of team challenges. The aim of these challenges is to provide eager volunteers with a chance to bring awareness to issues while pushing themselves to achieve things they didn’t think possible (like a 200 kilometer bike ride). The challenges will all be set in significant locations as an added benefit, where participants can learn about history and see the beauty of Allah’s creation.

“It was incredibly rewarding,” Nassimi said. “I got to witness sights that reminded me what’s possible with dedication to Allah, and it reinvigorated me to come back and continue this important work with IRUSA.”


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